story of mankind

Could you all please take an hour of your time to watch this video, and share it with as many as you wish. There are so many wars being fought in our sad world in this very moment and has been done in all past history. No lives are more important than other, no fights worth more attention. But the fact that we all let the Zionists (I'm not talking about the common Israelis or peaceful Jews, I'm talking about the Jewish extremist) do to the people of Palestine what the Nazis did to the Jews during WW2, right before our eyes, slowly eradicating their whole existence, while raping and stealing their land - it is just too shameful and embarrassing to humanity.

Sadly the American media is owned and controlled by very influential Jewish people with Zionist interests and their story and angle of the events will forever be pushed to the general public. The Zionist lobby organization has a very strong grip on Americas political system in general and it is not a coincidence that the American government's #1 hobby seem to be to fight a war against the arab world. It is not a coincidence that the so called terror attacks have got so much publicity in the media, and that they even happened in the first place. 

Everything has a price they say, and that is also true for a massive country like the United States. Especially if you are knee-high in debt.

It is wishful thinking to hope that this world would one day unite and become a safe and peaceful place to live for everyone regardless religion and ethnicity. But no one deserves to be manipulated into hatred caused by someone else's greed.

Check this one out if you want to know who owns and controls your favorite news TV station, The New York Times and other large newspapers in the US.