Thank you Hilfiger for this time, "freedom" seem to be found elsewhere

This is where I sit before the beautiful skyline, in the afternoons when sun’s getting lower, when it’s acceptable to be outdoors again. After five fifteen that is. While Alex been busy repairing the teak in the cockpit, I've also managed to do some real good progress on my side.

Three blog posts up yesterday and several longer texts started for later this week. I’ve edited a bunch of photos for the book which I am in the process of producing. I’ve replied many emails and some requests. Organized for our next destination and for the following few weeks. And I’ve also informed the communication director at Estée Lauder (EL is the owner of Tommy Hilfiger fragrances) that we are no longer interested in delivering material for the Tommy Hilfiger freedom tour collaboration that was supposed to run two more months in Panama and the beautiful San Blas islands (the contract was officially over a month ago anyway). 

A fairly productive day all in all. 

And why is that, you might wonder. Well since they've failed in living up to what we had agreed on, on each of the four occasions we’ve delivered material so far. It kind of reached the limit of absurdness. In the end it became a standing joke here on the boat “will she/they really take another opportunity to violate the terms and go against the only little thing that we had specifically asked for?” and yes, they did. Every time!

Incredibly amusing. Without apologies, only an “I’m sorry you feel this way”- email sent through her assistant. I have yet to figure this one out, why would anyone want to fuck up their own projects for which they've used a considerable amount of someone else's money, time and had at least six of their full time employees involved for almost a year? What happened to integrity and common sense?

Oh well, it was fun as long as it lasted. At least Tommy Hilfiger seemed happy from the last report we received a few months back where it said, “The Freedom Couple posts on Facebook have engaged 500,000 people globally”. I’m not surprised by the numbers, I think we did a real good job with those photos from different exotic locations. But not a thank you nor an apology from Estée Lauder’s part. Their attitude was more like: “Yea we might have done wrong and failed in living up to the agreement, but nothing we can do, sorry you feel this way”. And yet still they were hoping for us to continue promoting the fragrance in International press. Thanks, but no thanks.

And you ask why we choose to live on a boat. Seriously. We left the normal world behind to get rid of this type of sad and abusive behaviors and people, yet they seem to follow wherever you go. How far from civilization must one sail to find real peace of mind? It's quite funny thinking about it, the partnership was supposed to be called the freedom tour, yet these people did everything to limit our freedom, agreement wise I mean. Of course we have no further interest in such a one-sided collaboration.

Other than that, we are now planning for our continued tour. Seems as we might be moving off from the marina in the next few days. That’ll be fantastic to get out gliding on water again. Been in harbour for almost two months now but a great progress has been made on the boat. Definitely need to get out sailing soon!