S/Y Quest

I promised to tell you more about our neighbors boat. Göran has now sailed further towards Panama, but if you'd be interested in good diving charters around Western and Northern Caribbean, he's the man to get in touch with.

His boat S/Y Quest is a custom made 64 foot steel boat which Göran have spent the last fifteen years to build by himself. The boat is impeccable and extensively equipped, and like Göran said, it took such an extended time because he didn't want to add any equipment nor material that were't the best he could find on the market. Quest was built to the highest specifications for sailing and diving as an expedition yacht. It's designed with a fully insulated hull, central heating system with radiators through out, as well as being air-conditioned which makes the boat a very comfortable yacht in any part of the world. The boat rooms comfortably eight guests. 

Göran started his ocean career on a fishing trawler in Sweden at the age of 16, and has since spent most of his life at sea. After graduating from the Merchant Marine Academy in 1979 he has worked as a captain and chief officer in commercial shipping throughout the world, including eleven years on an expedition cruise ship covering Indonesia, The South Pacific, and later Antarctica and the Arctic. He has also been captain on 160 foot Mega yachts and a live aboard dive vessel. When he hasn’t been working on ships he's been sailing his own yachts, including six Atlantic crossings. 
Görans extensive experience of ocean sailing and traveling all over the globe makes him a tremendously valuable guide and he sure has some great stories in store!

Since we'll be around the Caribbean sea for a few more months we're hoping to run into him again one of these days. Maybe in San Andres and Providencia?

Check out his website here and if you're looking for an amazing diving holiday on a super comfortable boat with a knowledgeable guide and captain, you know who to get in touch with.
these last four images are from Görans website.

P.S: Funny side note is that Göran was neighbor with this world cruising sailing family in Sweden back in the days. Another great sailing blog, if you know Swedish.