Port St. Willow

Recently stumbled upon Nick Principe and his band Port St. Willow, another amazing multi-instrumentalist. Originally formed in Portland OR, Nick has recently moved back home to produce out of Brooklyn, NY. 

His music lays in the sort of ambient atmospheric melancholy that takes a tight grip of your heart and leaves you floating in air, moving you into depth or darkness depending on the way you choose to interpret it.

The bands first album Even // Wasteland was self-released in Fall 2010, and the first full-length record Holiday was out a few months ago, also self-released. I too initially thought the songs carried the voice of a woman but Nick himself is behind all haunting falsetto vocals. Nevertheless, the whole album is a great chilling experience. You can find it here.

Here's a few of my favorite tracks from that one:


Port St. Willow's website and their Tumblr.