Moved places

Since the slip we've been in for a month now belongs to a local boat that just returned, we were asked to move to a slip in front of it. Doesn't matter to us, now we're right in front of the skyline of Cartagena and facing the bay rather than a bunch of other boats! No we haven't still gotten to the yard, there always seem to be so many other things to finalize but we're easy, as long as some sort of progress is being made every day, we're happy.
I celebrated our new view with a cold beer.
Hello bud. 
And this is our lovely Swedish neighbor. He was in front of us before, now we're next to each other. Will tell you more about this guy and his boat very shortly. We've met so many friendly, interesting people here in this marina, Club Nautico, Cartagena. It goes without saying that we feel very much at home right here, it even reminds us a tad bit about Barcelona. Club Nautico is also the most affordable marina we've encountered since we left the Mediterranean 2,5 years ago, a huge plus now in times of refit and repairs.