Last night

We have a couple lovely new neighbors here in the marina. Stan and Andrey from Russia, sailing on an Alubat 58. Last night we went out for some wine and dine with them and their newest crew member Laura from Bogota. Walked round town after dinner and jumped onto the very touristy horse carriage with Café del Mar as the final destination. How nice not having to walk in those high heels actually. Well there, we ordered a bottle of baileys and a bucket of ice and relaxed with the sound of chill out tunes on a Sunday version of the normally very busy lounge bar. Baileys must be the coziest liquid ever by the way. It's like drinking milkshake with a tiny sting of something toxic. I have early teenage memories from when I stole a couple deciliters from my step-fathers inventory and refilled with the same amount of water. I wonder if he ever noticed.