Correction please

I'd need help to solve a spelling issue that I have. English is only my third language of four that I can make myself understood in, so forgive me for the occasional misspelling and grammatical default here on the blog. But there are some words in English that should be easy, yet they seem so complicated at the very same time. 

For example, why is color spelled colour sometimes? Who spells it with the u, and who does it not? Is this a matter of British English versus American English? And if so, which one should I use as I belong to neither of these nationalities? I seem to use both depending on the mood. It's all very confusing. 

And then I have a thing I would like to inform some of you about as I see this typical misspelling on a daily basis. This concerns mainly Americans, 45% of our readers: The country Colombia is spelled with an o all the way through. No u's involved whatsoever which is a letter you also might want to put into the color-word. I've noticed Canada has a providence province called British Columbia, the US a lot of cities and towns called Columbia and there's also an American clothing brand called Columbia, but neither of these have anything to do with South America's fourth largest country called Colombia. Two different words.

I'm not going to blame you, my English isn't perfect either as I just pointed out, but let's help each other to get these simple things right in the future. If only to show respect to a great nation. 

So it should be: Colombia - and not Columbia. 

Now enlighten me about the color/colour thing please.