A tender meal

Despite the slight mess at some parts of the boat, one can tell that I'm more in peace at home now than in a very long time as all I currently want to do is to cook. To prevent any unpleasant surprise when dying for a good red meat, we purchased a whole 1,2 kilo/2,6 pounds Uruguayan lomo fino / beef tenderloin the other day. 

First part went quickly when I invited ourselves over for a dinner to Göran and Quest, our Swedish neighbor with the huge steel boat if you remember. I don't normally invite us over to other people like that, but since there's not enough space for enjoying a pleasant dinner inside of our boat at the moment, and I still like to gather people for good food and wine, I figured why not cook the meal at home and bring it over to the neighbor. He didn't seem to complain much.

The rest of this gorgeous piece of meat has now been devoured for lunch as you can see in the image, and the final part will comfort Alex and I for dinner tonight. The craziest part? We paid only $23 USD for the whole exceptional piece of tenderloin. Believe me when I say its tenderness was out of this world.

For lunch today I served it with creamy mashed potatoes with spring onions and some sautéed cherry tomatoes. Let's see what I can come up with for tonight.