World Tour Market

So I have finally had the time to start searching for some authentic creations to share with our readers. The thought of opening a World Tour Market came alive a year ago or more, but I never really found anything unique and qualitative enough before now. But that has obviously changed as Colombia offers an abundance of beautiful crafts, if one is willing to dig around a little.

It was important to me that the products are all handmade and genuinely crafted for each client to receive something truly unique. As a woman, I also think it is important to help each other and all what you find on the shop today are designed as well as hand produced by women. 

For every piece that is sold in our shop, you do not only bring us one step closer to the South Pacific, but you will also support the local Colombian women and their families in their every day lives. 

If you don't find anything that suits you today, maybe you want to support two good causes by giving away an Amazonian friendship bracelet to someone you like! (the same I'm wearing on my right arm in the image above).

Some of the bags that we offer are the same bags as J Crew sold for a ridiculous $295 USD a while ago, handmade by the same Indian tribes. You can now find them with a lot smaller price tag in our shop.

Due to our tricky location, we can guarantee a delivery within 3-4 weeks. If you want your order faster, please email me and we can organize a delivery with FedEx, but the shipping cost will naturally be higher. All orders will be packed here in Colombia, sent with safe courier to the US and transferred from there to your chosen country and location, all to ensure a safe delivery. We currently have free delivery on orders above $200 USD.

There aren't a lot of products in the shop today, but I will be filling up with more with time, as well as add some of my favorite products from some of my favorite brands that I think you will like. 

Make sure to email me if you have any questions at all!