And how's it going with the refit you might ask? Well, it's moving forward but having a perfectionist in the house, it always ends up with him improving every detail that he finds to be faulty so another project have just begun. The bulkhead between the head and cabin is done, only paint missing. But now it's the other cabin bulkhead where two of our wardrobes are located, that has got new plywood in between and is getting strengthen and worked on as we speak. Hey, why not rebuild the whole damn boat while we're at it!

Alex has also had time to install new carbon reinforced stringers or whatever you prefer call them, you can see one of them to the left. As well as reinforced the existing frames and floors with carbon too.

Honestly, I feel like retiring from this project right here and right now (having PMS as well) but knowing how much more Alex is sweating and suffering in that mask and in 100°F, I better keep my mouth shut.