Sweet Summer Classics

Handsome jukebox that stood in the corner of the bar the other night. If I could choose, these are some of the summery tracks I'd be spinning (click on image to get to playlist on Spotify. If you don't have Spotify installed you can still read the song titles. All seem to be there except this one)

Someone asked how much Alex is involved in the playlists here on the blog. And while he isn't technically the one putting them together, we most times agree on what to listen to. If he was the one creating these playlists, he'd put in little less downtempo trip hop (which I definitely need a dose of from time to time) and throw in more stuff like this or that. But overall I'd say we're both attracted to well produced music in all categories from classic rock, motown soul, detroit techno and beatdown, classical composers, nineties pop, real hiphop, seventies funknineties rnb and all the way to old school acid when in that kinda mood. 

Occasionally Alex pulls up his antique vinyl case in which he has stored some of his old dark techno mixes (on cd obviously as we have no space for vinyl player on the boat) that he's done during his DJ era in Europe some 15-18 years ago and brings me on a trip like no other. If he'd have the time he'd probably be sitting here producing music rather than bulkheads but that'll have to wait for better days. 

Check here (1), here (2), here (3) and here (4) for more of our favorites.

*Like always, the bold letters brings you further. And remember that music should always be listened to with good powerful headphones or sound system, no built in laptop speakers or else you'll minimize the experience.