Summer in Cartagena

Best days around here are the cloudy ones. It's currently full summertime in South America, which extends from December to March more or less, and it really is incredibly hot. I hear the temperature doesn't change much be it summer or winter, but in the winter it does rain a bit more at least. We've been in Colombia now for almost two months, and it's rained once for like five minutes. 

As it's tremendously important to keep yourself hydrated in this heat (35C/95F) and very high humidity (60-90%), we try to squeeze in as many juice and ice-cream pauses as we can. There's a plethora of fresh and healthy juice bars in town, will show you a few of them later, but so far we've found no ice-cream shop that has stolen our hearts. We had the problem of finding them in the West-Indies too, remember? There are a lot more Ice-cream shops here in Cartagena/Colombia, but still, they all seem to be so and so. 

It's not always a blessing coming from the Mediterranean, because inevitably, you'll always compare with the best there is on the planet on so many different areas. There's still one place to visit though which we've heard some good things about. Would it be possible that we'll finally find the first real ice-cream bar that produces from real cream and milk (or egg!) and natural ingredients rather than yoghurt, water, vegetable oils, skim milk powder or artificial flavors? Will keep you posted on this very important subject...