Randoms from the previous ten days

Often passing by the skate park when walking to Caribe Plaza, the mall.
Humid hot mornings in the marina.
One of many rustic doors in the center of town.
Beautiful Jade on Malagana's rooftop terrace, enjoying some sangria without the boys.
Nail-polish all around. First time in months I've bothered to paint.
Kids joining for dinner? Never a problem as long as you have tools to keep them entertained!
One Italian dinner.
Alex making a groove for lumber-holes and prepping gelcoat for epoxy application under the hatch cover.
So glad we've had the company of these cool people for a few days.
Finally tested El Bistro.
Paella was good.
As well as the sautéed shrimps.
Typical view of the city.
My two favorite We Dream In Colour bracelets can now be found in our shop! I absolutely love wearing the vintage brass one with the olive glass beads and the small horse head hook. 10% discount on these for our readers, check them out here. And the bag can like always be found here.
A typical Colombian lunch.
With tamarind juice.
A great spot for traditional home made, qualitative and affordable local lunch and dinner. 
Another obligatory soup before a Colombian meal.
Traditional food in the making.
Last nights read.
Always waking up with these two guys on my side. 

Great mixture of events this past week. Rooftop cocktails, late dinners with new friends, back to sleep in our own bed and some real good progress been made on the boat. Now back to the final boat projects here in the marina and soon we're off to the yard..