I'm slowly getting the pages of this blog together. Organizing chapters and creating new labels to have it all in some sort of order. One new label that is made is called "Personal" which you can find over there to the left, and it consists of some of my very private personal reflections on life, myself or this journey. Most of them also falls under categories like philosophy and self development. These mentioned posts are also what seem to have been some of the most popular by you readers until today.

Many of these articles that are added in there had close to (or sometimes more than) 100 likes before we changed domain, nowadays they feel a bit naked without them - so please feel free to check them out and "like" them again if you'd want to. How silly isn't that little thing called ego? Anyways, you'll find them here if you want to have a look again. I'll probably go back in the blog and add a few more old posts there during the day. Feels so good to get things in the right place. Storing all those letters and words where they should be.

There's currently three pages of personal thoughts and reflections, here (1) here (2) and here (3).

And these specific ones of them all has been the most liked and read articles on the blog until today:

- Jealous and bitter
- Christmas contemplations
- Dreams of the ocean
- The gain of the journey
- What we've been up to, career wise, before this trip
- Happy birthday my love
- Balance your body and soul
- Love peace and happiness 
- Thoughts on the Atlantic crossing
- Who are we, how did we meet and what did we do before we met each other?
- How and where the idea of this journey came alive.
- Memories and images from our first year together.