Other arrangements

Here you can see the nice curve of that bulkhead between our cabin and the head which Alex made. It's painted now but the mahogany trim is still missing. One of those cosmetic details that will be done "sometime this year" when all the more important things are taken care of. Since the bulkhead is a bit lower this time, we're constantly hitting our heads in this thing when passing through. From experience I can say it takes around twenty five hard forehead hits before one learns where these obstacles are on a boat. 
Trying to keep it minimal now since all is fresh, clean and painted. Threw out tons of old make up and creme bottles that no one uses and almost everything what we necessarily need (and not more) are now stored inside of lockers rather than hanging around on exposed shelves collecting dust.
Here's one such locker.                                                                                                                  i
Bought a new shower curtain the other day. Navy blue is such a fine colour, and suits the oyster white paint on the walls and the mahogany wood very nicely on a boat we think. You can see our cabin again through the mirror to the left. Still have no door to close the head, never had a bathroom door on this boat. One can always use the shower curtain if needed and I honestly don't think we'll install a door at all as we've gotten used to this set up already, and it makes the boat feel larger and lighter in a way.

So now we've got the cabin and head in order. Sorting out wardrobes and drawers as we speak. Though we don't own very much these days, there's still some clothes that we rarely or never use that can go to someone who might be in better need of it. The longer I live on a boat, the less does it feel that I need, and these days I'm just happy if I can shut the drawers and doors without having miscellaneous garments and things floating around everywhere. The boat's still not exactly as organized as we envision it but we're slowly getting there. Such a relief having decided to stay here in Cartagena a bit longer so we have time and peace of mind to take care of all these small and other big details that makes life on a boat more comfortable and enjoyable.