On kids

Here's what you find behind all that hair. Both too beautiful for words. 

I adore children and am used to them. I grew up as the oldest of four (later in life I got introduced to more of my biological/half siblings and ended up with seven younger sisters and brothers) and I have sisters, brothers and friends with a bunch of them. But it's not often I've thought about reproducing and having one of my own. Too much stress and worries that comes with it that I am neither ready nor willing to add to my life. 

Many women's lives might be unfulfilled without the presence of your offsprings but personally I can do without them. Yet, it sometimes, but extremely rarely, happens that I meet a child - and maybe it isn't even because of the child itself, rather the sort of rare intimate connection between the child and a parent - that I can get a sting of longing for my own. These two are an excellent example of the sort of chiseled connection one would wish every child on the planet would experience with their mother. Looking at them, even I can get overwhelmed by a sudden need or wish to get my own baby. There is something special with a mother and son relationship and if I ever get a child, I'd definitely wish it was a boy too. Or if I'd get a daughter, I'd without doubt try to raise her to become anything except a girly girl. I'd want her to become a strong, independent and rational person that I generally find are traits more often found in men/boys. 

I could be wrong but I imagine a boy brings less stress and headaches and it's easier somehow to keep things real with them as they grow up. I'm after simplicity in life after all.

Or what do you say? Many of you have kids I believe. Less complications and worries that comes with raising a boy or a girl? And another question I'm curious to if any of you are willing to share: Why exactly did you choose to have children at all? I know it's the way life "should just be" for many, but if you really think about the personal motive, what is the main reason for you to have them? 

And no, I don't need to hear "You won't understand before you get a child and then it will all make so much sense" - it's not a reason as you never felt that way beforehand. Of course every mother would feel extraordinary feelings and an enormous amount of love and affection with all those hormones after having given birth to her own child and of course no one can get it before you've actually done it for yourself. It's like with hallucinogenic drugs, you can never fully explain the feeling to someone who's never tried. So what I'm after now is the real reason that made you decide on having your first child to begin with. 

Please share, I'd be very interested to hear your stories and thoughts.