No plans no worries

One of the things we decided a while ago was that we must not get into another rush. Many parts of the past three years has been stressful for the simple reason that we wanted to first get moving and start the circumnavigation already while still in Barcelona preparing the boat. And later on after we've been stuck in the Caribbean for almost two years due to change of boat etc, all we wanted was to get going forward. I guess acceptable and something most people might have done out of excitement and anxiousness for another adventure. But still, after arriving to Cartagena, we decided that the final big boat work will have to take the proper time it takes. Would we then be delayed from here to the extent that we would need to rush our way through the South Pacific to not hit the tropical storms when they start on that side in early November, well then let's not go right now and instead we'd stay around here for a few extra months until storms are over. 

There's no rush really, there's no deadlines to meet, and most importantly - we are in a good place and there are still a few areas which we haven't discovered on this side of the world. Cuba, Jamaica, Mexico and even Miami or why not New Orleans? These places are only hypothetical destinations right now, as we might as well be ready to transit the canal in time or make some other plans on the way. But if there's one valuable lesson we've learnt on our years at sea, it is that with stress comes pressure, with pressure comes unnecessary fights and arguments and if we take the time to remind ourselves, these were exactly the things we wanted to escape and get rid of when we first left Europe two and a half years ago.

Colombia has also been so good to us. Though I must admit, Cartagena is very touristy in the historical center and that's something one can get a little sick of after a while. But if you know where you're going and try to avoid most traps, this town is one interesting and inspiring place. It might not be super easy to find boat equipment and spare parts here, but on the other hand we've got most things we need onboard already, and there are so many other things that are way more economical and accessible here than in other parts we've been with the boat thus far. There's always pros and cons with every place. Big plus is that we feel very much in peace here, much thanks to the friendly and helpful people we've encountered.

So bottom line with this text is, we'll see what happens in the next few months. We are not going to stress it, though we do our best in finalizing our boat projects as swiftly as we can. Another option in case we won't be done before the Atlantic hurricane season begins - is that we could possibly sail out to Ecuador on the Pacific side, leave the boat there in one reputably safe and good marina for a couple months, and get out exploring the inside of South America by foot. Or why not from here? Cartagena is also out of the hurricane belt.

So many options. Best thing is that we still have time to experience it all, be it this season or the next. Safety and peace of mind is most important to us, neither of which we are planning to sacrifice this time around.