On meat

One thing that's very easy to get a hold on here, is good meat for a good price. Flank steak for example, a favorite which we've eaten at least three times a week since we got here. Cost around $6 USD for a kilo of meat. The name of the flank steak is different depending on which South American country you happen to be in. Here it's called Sobrebarriga, and what's mainly used for carne asada in restaurants. In México they call it Arrachera and Entraña is the name in Uruguay and Argentina. Bavette is the name for it in France if that rings any bells, a favorite that we always ate in St Maarten and France as well. Always with some crispy, almost burnt, French fries, a delicious pepper sauce and a rich red wine, mmm memories...

Colombia (or South America) might not be a paradise for vegetarians as the normal diet in general includes a lot of meat, though modern vegetarian restaurants seem to be popping up in certain areas of town. 

Above is a picture of a very normal meal on our boat these days: Boiled potatoes or rice with beans. Thinly cut flank steak, pan fried in butter over high heat, around 30 seconds on each side. Turns out perfectly red inside, and is of course best enjoyed with a typical South American salad with thinly cut tomatoes and red onion with olive oil, lemon and salt sprinkled on top, and why not some fresh coriander mixed with it.. on occasion I also whisk up a home made mayonnaise which suits the flavor of the meat insanely well.

Probably not the healthiest thing to eat but ooooh so good.