Lac Bay Lagoon

Flicking through and processing the (now) 1000 (earlier 2000) images from our wonderful ten days stay in Bonaire a couple months ago. We have so many good memories from there, one was the day we drove around the island in our rented jeep, spying on flamingoes, petted wild donkeys and in the afternoon we ended up by the lagoon at the South for some windsurfing. Or truth be told, Alex windsurfed and I worked, tried to capture the action from shore with a beer in hand. That's one of the few downsides of being a traveling photography blogger or photography/travel blogger or whatever term we should use this time - that you're always on hunt for good shots. Cannot wait till we get down to the South Pacific where I suppose we both will have many more days and opportunities for surfing, diving and all else what a journey like this was made for.