Just the regular dispute

One of our favorite topics of argument here in our 30 m²/300 sq ft existence is cleaning and organization of things onboard. I might not have been the tidiest person all my life and I can be the cause of a hurricane mess from time to time, but the older I get, the more have I learnt that a fresh clean home makes for a better organized mind and gives mental peace. A tidy surrounding also helps you to make better decisions and give harmony, compared to the stress and unconscious unbalance a home full of clutter can cause. It really is metaphorical for life itself. The less distractions and mess around you, the better and happier will you feel.

Since we're undergoing a larger refit, it has been inevitable to have things and tools all over which I till some extent have understanding for. I definitely see the point in all Alex's stuff and am happy to have them around as he's capable of handling all the work onboard with them. But I'm also allergic to having them laying around in our living space when they're not in absolute current use. I definitely like having things stowed away, rather than constantly being reminded of the tiring jobs we have to take care of. This could easily be solved in a house or apartment as you probably have at least four times larger living area than what we have on a boat. It's all a bit trickier on such a small space like the one we live and work within.

Since Alex doesn't care as much but is more used to having things in an "organized chaos", as he calls it, this often causes fights about where and why and how to store things. Pretty frustrating.

He's like: "Have you ever seen a workshop with tools and materials inside of the lockers? They're obviously all over the place so you can see what you're working with and so you'll easier know where they are when you need them next time!"

"Excuse me, this is not a fucking workshop, it is our home."

You can easily understand that if already the designation for what this boat is, is undefined and not agreed upon, then there's no escaping fights around the subject.

Since the larger bulkhead jobs are done and he's moved onto some smaller projects now, it is much easier for me to get my will through and finally be able to stove away and organize the way I want. With the obligatory arguments of course but at least stuff gets hidden from my direct view. Peace for my mind at last!

The area which is now the only dedicated area for tools, besides the lockers in which they belong, is the one you see in the image. The couch (minus cushions) and the shelf above has become the workshop of moment. If Alex would get his weird will through, the whole boat would still be covered with all these tool boxes, epoxy cans and buckets full of filler. In every room, on every open space, in every corner. In case he'd need it in the nearest future. But like I always say - unless I'm very drunk - I am the more rational decision maker of us two. Depending on who you ask of course.

Note that I made the image b/w to not, more than necessary, hurt your eyes with the disorder. You're welcome.