In the move

Such a busy town. Not like Bangkok, New York city or any other major apple in the world, but having spent a fair amount of time in the Caribbean this is enough to tickle my senses and feed inspiration to my mind.

Boys playing football, vendors hauling out their goods, drug dealers openly promoting their offers, bike boys picking up clients - lending their back as a protection through the ride, tour buses packed with camera toting tourists, yellow cabs whistling for your attention, hipsters skating down the rail, laughing couples clinging on to each other, horse drawn carriages trotting down the cobbled streets, beer bottles being opened.

Whatever hustling is going on around you, it injects a sense of being. That this world is alive. It lends an opportunity - to be as anonymous as you'd wish, quietly disappearing in the masses for a moment - or as occupied and as busy with it as one is willing. 

I know when we're done here we'd long for days and weeks of peace and tranquility on a humble quiet beach far from voices and noises - but for now it feels good being part of the hustle. Always always good to see things in movement, a progress being made, a goal whatever goal it is, being reached. Life goes on, whether we like it or disagree. The world keeps moving. We all have the brilliant choice of being a part of it or not.