Friday mood

Who can resist when your local super market offers three bottles for two on a pretty good everyday wine? Not me that's for sure. $30 USD for three bottles. This specific Chilean wine has been in my life since I was a baby. Wine-drinking wise I mean. And it's almost as comforting to me as kebabpizza or apple pie with vanilla sauce.

Been fighting to get things done today but the Internet has played some nasty games with me and I think I've lost approximately five hours just by waiting for things to up or download. Extremely unproductive and deadly frustrating. Also tried to catch up with all the emails we've got in the past few months and while that long list is slowly decreasing, I still have a long way to go as I'm determined to get back to of you. Thank you for your patience. But now it's Friday night and I'm also very determined to leave this chaotic week behind and enjoy some good food and great (cheap) wine in the company of my hardworking man. 

Happy Friday all of you. How nice wouldn't it have been to be able to raise a glass together!