Dreams of the ocean

Happy birthday to me. March 2nd 1982 was the day that I was born, in a small city called Hyvinkää in Southern Finland. Or physically I was born in neighboring Lahti as my mother happened to be just there that day. A long time have passed and many bumpy roads have been traveled since that cold Tuesday, on the second of March thirty one years ago. Today more than ever do I miss her, my mother, even though we failed in establishing a successful relationship while she still was alive.

Besides of memories and indirect life lessons, she left behind her seven thick diaries, every page covered in jet-black ink and her comical little drawings. The familiar, comforting drawings that also adorned the corners of the handwritten letters that she so often sent me after we were separated at a pretty early stage of my life. 

I guess these diaries that are now left in the far end of our book shelf are suppose to offer me a more comprehensive detailing of everything that I already know and much more. But in the stress of working while traveling and in the mess of this extensive and tiring boat refit, I haven't yet been able to persuade myself to get started. I've promised myself to dig into it once the current repairs are done and when we're out sailing the mighty ol' seas once again. Peace of mind and a cooling breeze would be most welcomed for company.

What Alex and I are dreaming about right now is wind in our sails, and clear blue water in every point of direction as far as our eyes can see. A dream that seems very distant in the fog and dust of our current reality. 

Patience is a virtue or how does that old saying go now again.

Image from the rugged Eastern coast of Bonaire.