Dreaming of thai eggplants and bamboo shoots

Many of you requested food when I asked the other day so I'll calmly continue throwing out images of our meals until someone tells me to stop. 

One of the many reasons we are dreaming of getting across Pacific and into the lower parts of Asia is the choice of food there is waiting. Southeast asian food in almost any form has been a favorite of ours for as long as we've been old enough to travel to those parts of the world: Bali and Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand and Singapore - they all offer the sort of healthy, simple and fresh food and ingredients that have inspired most modern kitchens around the world. 

Basmati rice (which originates from India and Pakistan but is used also in SE Asia these days) is probably the single most used staple in our house. I think every second of my home-cooked meals are based around the fragrant rice. Most often served with a stir-fry or stew made of chicken or beef. Sometimes with grilled or oven baked fish, always mixed with fresh vegetables. Sometimes hot and spicy, but always a large pinch of comforting spices - and occasionally with the subtle taste of coconut milk. 

Cannot wait till we can get a hold on the amazing thai eggplants, keffir lime leafs, bamboo shoots and lemongrass from a local market. And to be able to order a plate of healthy Asian food for less than $5 USD in local restaurants which still is a possibility in many parts of that beautiful side of the world. 

Until that pleasant day arrives, we'll have to bear with my versions on the Asian cuisine. Today a stir-fry base made of rice and yellow onion boiled in the same pot. Then fried together with chicken that was previously marinated in fish sauce, cumin and white pepper. Added a bit of lemon zest, turmeric and fresh coriander to taste. A little tangy and very uplifting kind of meal I must say.