Back to bed

Last night, we had the best nights sleep since we got to Colombia. We've squeezed ourselves into a tiny quarter berth for a month now due to the cabin and bulkheads refit, so you can only imagine what a difference and relief is's been getting back to our huge 150 cm/60 inch bed. Now also freshly painted all around. And with crispy new linen it felt like the best bed and place ever. 

That's one of the pros of undergoing an extensive refit while living on the boat. As soon as the projects subsides, you'll see your home and boat with brand new eyes. And as the frustration for not finding things or having everything and all covered in plastic fiberglass protection diminishes, you'll begin to appreciate the smallest things as they were grander than ever before.

Can I go back to sleep already? 

This is how the bedroom looked one month ago. Here's one of the bulkheads, and this the other one. Finally all in place now, just some mahogany trims to be installed. Read more about the refit here.