A home cooked meal

Last night, we went for a walk in Getsemani with our new Italian, Basque and Swiss friends - a group of amazing guys we've learnt to know and who are soon going to sail from here towards Venezuela. 

While strolling on the cobbled streets of the little neighborhood, we felt a strong but lovely smell of garlic coming out from one of the two story buildings. Aaah the alluring flavor and scent of local food! Initially as a joke, Ricardo and I ducked our heads through the open door and asked if there was a table available for dinner. "Si! Si! Bienvenidos niƱos!" - a dark female voice responded from the depths of the steamy, but beautiful old colonial house. 

Well inside, we were seated in the living room and were quickly served a delicious soup as a starter, followed by a meal of pork and rice. Tamarind juice accompanied the meal and the beers we ran out and picked up from the neighboring mini market. A home cooked dinner was served, beers on the table and in an unexpected but curious little place with a table full of happy good people. What more can one ask for! The unpretentious hospitable style of Latin American people is so refreshing. And given that we were asked to pay 5.000 pesos each ($2,50 USD) - it would have been hard to find a better and friendlier deal elsewhere.

The whole family was part of the cooking and serving procedure and if I counted right there were at least three generations, four cats and two dogs living under the very same roof.

Grandma, the boss, wasn't at all that fearsome as she might look in the picture at the top.
And this is our crew minus moi. Here with a sweet lady/owner of a bar called La Cental Antillana, also in Getsemani where we popped in for a drink after dinner.