Vacation baby

So. Freakin'. Tired. Can't snap out of it. The reason for it could be that we've sailed 1500 miles in the past four months and visited 13 countries/islands in the same short period of time. Or it could just be that the South American heat is just that much unbearable. Whatever it is, my body and mind is being rebellious and doesn't allow me to do anything of what I need or should do, instead they've kicked back and taken vacation from it all. Sounds good to me though, another vacation from the vacation and some quiet downtime for reflection.

P.S: I just realized that all the Facebook likes that we receive each day under each blog post, are only visible when you use .com and none of the other url's that are ending with , .se or .de or such. In case you're ever curious to see the real likes, be sure to use the .com version of our blogs URL. And to get rid of that little problem I'll have to (finally) make sure to move our blog to our own server and domain. This will also be done as soon as I get my mind put back together again.

Hasta la vista darlings, we're off for a night walk in the city.