Thank you, and who is btw that quiet mysterious man in the blog?

Sun has just disappeared behind the skyscrapers and I'm pouring myself another glass of wine.

Thank you so very much for the time you have taken to leave your comment today. 69 comments, 27 emails and 9 Facebook comments later and I think I now have a pretty good idea on why you're following our journey and this blog. I am so immensely thankful and proud to have such inspiring and intelligent readers and it amazes me what an astonishing mixture of people that are following us on a daily or weekly basis. It must be every writers and photographers dream to be able to reach out to such a wide, diverse audience - men and women, young and old, the intellectual as well as the superficial, from every part of the world, from every social group. I know this is "just" a blog and I know that all of you are busy with much more in your lives than just reading and following our journey, but the words I've read by you today makes me more than ever realize why I am doing this. Why I am sharing this journey with you. You inspire me individually, and you inspire me as a group. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for reading and writing to us. 

So many questions followed along in these emails and comments so I figured I might as well answer them right right here right now. Some of the thoughts I've received today cracked me up and I've laughed out loud. Some filled my eyes with tears of joy, proud for having found you, or you finding us or however it now happened. One rarely thinks about it when writing in the comfort of home, just another day in front of the computer, but of course since I share only parts and small glimpses of our lives, there are a lot of suppositions born out of the incomplete picture that I've painted. Some ideas are true and some of you seem to know me and us pretty well. Then there are a lot of very amusing misunderstandings or faulty assumptions that I'd like to clear out, if I may:

1. This is the funniest, but maybe also the most common misunderstanding: That "Alex is the quiet one of us two". Ha! Forgive me for laughing so hard that I'm spilling red wine all over myself but truth is that Alex is everything except quiet. He doesn't like writing though and he has a very complicated relationship with computers and Internet in general. Sometimes I have to literally force him to be in touch with friends and family back home, as he simply isn't a man of digital communication. He rather spends his time on real life experiences, and even though it can sometimes be frustrating for some that he isn't that very good at Internet or even phone calls, I somehow admire and support that side of him. It is rare for a man or a person to be so ignorant to the whole digital life with which most of us spend 50% of our awaken time if not more. He is involved in the blog in the way that I always make him read my articles before I post them, as I want him to agree on what is going to get said. He is the other half of the story after all.

Since Alex has chosen not to write or speak about himself in public, I have out of respect for him tried to limit the information about feelings and thoughts that comes from his mind. It's not my job to share his inner me, and therefore you will have to bear with my single sided ramblings and thoughts on this journey. Sorry, I wish there was something I could do and I can so much feel your curiosity, but I've tried and it failed so we must just leave him alone. But believe me, if you got to know him (and most blog readers get very surprised when they do) you would quickly realize that he has quite a character. I wouldn't say he's loud per se, but he has an opinion about exactly everything. While being very kind, supportive and caring - he's also a proud, French (not to forget), strong willed man. And as I'm also a person full of opinions, the mixture of us two can very often lead to argumentation. That's also something you would realize very quickly if you got to know us two, that we are often discussing and (lovingly?) arguing about something. It drives me insane sometimes that he is as strong headed as he is, and I know very well that this feeling is mutual. There has been a few (many) times that we have wanted to kick the other overboard, but luckily we are as good at making up as we are at driving each other mad. Some call it passion and that might as well be a big part of our lives. What I know is that we both do get very much involved and are extremely enthusiastic about all things we love or dislike in life.

And did I tell you he loves talking about boats, sailing, technicalities, mechanical installations and that he also loves sharing his wide knowledge with others, anyone who's willing to listen? Dude, if I don't know now, by heart, how to escape a storm or how to surface prepare bulkheads for glassing, I probably never will.


Listening to you, it does make sense to cut down my posts to shorter rather than keeping them longer not have anyone falling asleep on the last few sentences. So let me get back to you in a short while again. I'm completely and totally impressed by all what we've received today. Somehow it feels like we are getting a bit closer to each other, You and me. Or is that the wine speaking? Either way, I have a lot of posts and thoughts in mind now, all because of the inspiration of your words. Thank you very much for that and speak again very soon.