Such is the life of a live aboard sailor

Ok! Time to get back above the surface. I think I've eaten something really really bad, probably those barbecue sticks from the street in Santa Marta, as my energy level has been lower than I can ever remember, so drained, plus I've been running to the bathroom every fifteen minutes for approximately two weeks. Let me know if you need more details! We have just moved from Club de Pesca to Club Nautico as the water is much calmer here and we're in need of as flat sea with as less distraction as possible for the glassing project of the new bulkhead Alex has just started creating. We have such a long list of things to do before we can safely continue this trip across the Pacific, it's actually ridiculous. This boat is a demanding baby and although we love her to pieces, there are times we wonder what the hell have we taken upon our shoulders. But life was not made to be easy nor always so practical either so we just gotta keep on doing what we have to do and just find some sort of happiness within the process. I will have to speak more with you later as I shall now move out some stuff from the boat. Again. Don't we just love living aboard while going through an extensive refit? Fuck me! At least the hardest part is far behind us, I keep reminding (convincing?) myself..