So tell me

Good morning dear readers. It is a good morning this morning because it's grey and cloudy. That's great so one can get things done without melting down to a sweaty miserable puddle already before lunchtime. I know my hair looks like a fucking mess and I should dye it asap as it's getting orange again, but let's focus on more important things shall we. While I am out making some errands, why don't you, valuable reader, tell me what is your favorite part of this blog. Content wise I mean. I think I have never asked you, and it could be suitable now in times of change - to know what you keep coming back here for. I know most males prefer boat building and maintenance, but the rest of you. What is the best, and what would you like to read/see more of in the future. Send me an email or comment below. I won't get back to you before I've got opinions from at least fifty different people so do yourself a favor and participate. Also the ones of you that normally do not like to comment, I would appreciate it very very much if you took the time today. Muchas gracias y hasta luego.