Some of you have requested a look into our cabin. Here it goes. Cozy, no? So there you have two half bulkheads, one ending by the toilet bowl, the other by the drawers to the right, both connected with a strong beam at the top, but only a thin (and rotten as we found out) floor by the hull. There has also extended an 8 mm/0.3 inch thin plywood plank which was simply attached with five screws, loosely closing the toilet from the cabin but that is now removed. A new strong extension to these half bulkheads as well as a new floor, is being cut and grind as we speak. It will basically be a full bulkhead here when it's done and this little addition will naturally strengthen the boat even more, plus give more privacy to the cabin once it's all set. I will give you more technical details and images a bit later.

It goes without saying that we do not sleep in there at the moment, but instead we're making use of one of our two guest bunks, those that normally fit around 1,5 people each. Very sweet, especially cozy it is to be that close to one another when Alex has again adopted the wonderful smell of fiberglass that has stuck into his pores after grinding parts of the inside of the hull. That familiar smell which is almost impossible to wash away unless you swim in boiling water. Hot water that is such a luxury and not so often encountered these days. But we're pretty happy nonetheless. Last night we were so exhausted though that we both fell asleep in that tiny temporary cabin with the laptop on the stomach in front of this old movie. At least it proved that we are flexible as to where we sleep. Only a couple more days left of this mess now..