Renovating inside and out

You might realize there's some renovation ongoing also on the blog at the moment. Lately I've felt there has been an urge for a change, creatively I mean. I've felt as I've been stuck to my throat with images, colors, advertisement, photos of myself, an endless to-do-list concerning this blog and projects around and an email account piling up towards the sky. I guess also no one has escaped to notice that there has been a good amount of sexy commercial self promotion scattering the first three years of this blogs existence. Much to gain readers of course as this blog is my main income these days and I wanna continue supporting our journey in all the ways that I can so Alex doesn't have to kill his health working with composite work on other boats. But having now established such a faithful following and having been able to work with such fantastic brands that we have and currently are, there isn't much else to be proven. 

In order to not completely throw up over this beloved space on the Internet, I realize I have to cut down a bit on the colorful distracting imprints and impressions. Subtle it a bit. Get back to the basics.

I don't know if you have ever experienced it within yourself, but it so happens sometimes that I get plain tired of myself. Like I wanna cut off everything that is attached to me and escape into simple nothing for a while. I've always been very good at that. Leaving and disconnecting for a lengthy time and I love the sense of freedom and creative strength that it brings. Problem is when you have chosen a job that is not only in others', but also up in your own damn face day in and day out.. I definitely need to cut things down.

I assume the mess on the boat plus being in a marina full of noise, heat and hundreds of other boats around doesn't make it better but still it's been a few months now that my mind's been blocked and I've longed for a change. I've always been in need of a lot of space around me and that's quite contradictory to the fact that I've chosen to live on 30 m2/320 sq ft and sharing large parts of my life with a bunch of strangers. Instead of now closing myself completely or shaving off my hair or such, we'll see where a new minimalistic design might take this. Will let you know when it's ready.

Already breathing easier having removed the colorful banners on the right hand side. How good doesn't a bit of blank white page feel.