While Alex is busy in there turning our cabin up side down, I've got to keep it up on my part of daily domestic tasks. Handing tools, headlamps and more coffee when he needs it. Carrying planks on and off the boat when asked to. And of course preparing a good lunch to keep us motivated throughout the day. So glad I've got my appetite back finally. And also very glad that we have managed to keep the galley area in order despite the mess at the forward part of the boat. We have now completely closed that front section so that no wood dust gets out of there and I could, if I wanted, pretend as if there's no renovation going on here whatsoever. Only the sound of the grinder that is spoiling it. At least there's only one part of the boat being worked on as we speak, you should have seen when the complete boat was upside down when we started this refit a year or so ago. 

In regards to the lunch of the day, I've made a fresh summer salad with stir fried chicken with herbs, served with white sticky rice and some sunflower seeds sprinkled on top. It's a challenge to keep eating well while going through times of disorder and renovation. First instinct is always to go out and fetch some easy empanadas or pizza or such but I have been off duty for a couple weeks now due to the virus or whatever that was so I feel more motivated than ever to stay healthy. Just need to get back to my exercise so slowly again, as well.