Friday update

It's very easy to, momentarily at least, forget about boat work while here in Renaissance marina. They've got excellent amenities and the place makes for a great stop, and gives us a bit of rest before the long crossing to Colombia. A new chain is btw found at the Yamaha store, and a cable located some place else, now just remains to mount it all together. Sanders, the very nice and helpful marina manager let Alex use his crimpers and 110v tools as ours are all 220 so it seems as the process is heading in the right direction. I continue to be amazed at the wonderful, friendly and helpful people we have had the pleasure to meet and deal with in the past few weeks in the ABC's. Though more commercialized (Aruba in particular which also is extremely Americanized), it is a different vibe on these three islands which is pretty refreshing after almost two years spent in the Eastern Caribbean. We have also met some Swedish sailors here on the docks and I've promised to bake Swedish meatballs for them all tonight so while the guys are busy getting their hands greasy installing that chain, I am going to head off to the store to fetch ingredients for mashed potatoes, meatballs and gräddsås. The Swedes told me they'd bring lingonberry jam so I am very excited for that dinner already!