Feels like home

It is such a wonderful change for us to have arrived in Colombia after two years spent in the West Indies. Though none of us have ever been in this particular South American country before, it somewhat feels like home to us. The language, the people, the food, the ambiance - so many things reminds us of Europe. Spain and Barcelona in particular. For you who haven't followed us for too long, Alex is half French, half Greek born in France. I was born in Finland, raised in Sweden. We've both lived in many parts of the world, but most recently a few years in Barcelona, Spain and that is also where we met and from where we started our sailing journey. So to get here to Colombia, to a place that reminds us of on of our favorite parts of the world and what reminds us of the very first months we've spent together as a couple - is like going back in time and the familiarity is tangible. Amazing how much one can appreciate the simple things in life. The amber toned evening light. The lush, blooming and well maintained parks full of happy people. A cold beer at sunset by the waterfront. The joyful familiar language and flavorful latin or Mediterranean food. Cheap good wine and salsa music playing from every street corner. Even the artisans are as talented and humble to their works as one finds them in the Mediterranean. People do real things here, they have passion for art, food, friendships and music and it is so very good to take part of that sort of natural and vibrant culture again. Only to see the happy, well treated and well fed street dogs playing around is a sight for sore eyes..