Cleaning day

Since we've been sailing so much in these past few weeks, our boats interior has kind of been neglected. Easiest when moving around and having people onboard, is to just keep pushing things into the lockers to make more space on the floor, and so the cupboards, lockers and shelfs was in urgent need of some cleaning and re-organizing. Here I'm climbing on the fridge, into the cupboards, trying to reach the very end of that curvaceous tumblehome. The joinery and interior is beautiful on our boat, but not so very practical at all times.
Nicole from s/v Dreamkeeper once taught me to use these non skid sheets, everything sticks to it and nothing rolls over while underway. Great to use in cockpit, or any storage compartment.
Bottles firmly stuck to the shelf.
Walls and floors cleaned and all in place. 
During the same time, in another corner of the boat...
Captain is fed up with having a heavy TV on the wall since we never watch that thing anyway.
So we gave it to a guy that works in the marina.
Another cupboard to be cleaned. The Tea storage!
And another one…. Does it look like this in your home too? Are you also living with the constant fear of having things falling over you when opening the doors? Especially annoying it is while sailing.
All cleaned out, that's the inspection plate for the water-tank by the way. Can you believe that someone would want to install a water-tank this high up on the hull? Above the water-line. We were first contemplating on moving this tank someplace closer to the keel, but now we're thinking it might be good to keep it as an air ballast. Still not sure which way to go, also not sure where exactly we could move that tank since space is at a minimum and it's quite congested by the keel already. 
All back in place. Except the heavy cans that has been transferred to a plastic container by the floor to get rid of some weight from up here. If you're not a sailor, I might need to inform you that the reason to why we have these ongoing weight battles, is that a sailboat, like any other boat, sails better and more steady the closer the heavy weight is to the bottom of the boat. So we try to keep light things up and all the heavy stuff down below the waterline and as close to the center as possible.
Time for lunch. We're in love with this kebab sauce. If anyone of you are sailing to Colombia from a Dutch island in the nearest future, please could you bring us a couple bottles of this Shoarma sauce? Dinner's on us!
All books back in place.
The little shark we once caught and ate outside of Marie-Galante, and a dead coral we found on the beach in Bonaire.
Bathroom tidied up too.
And that's how a boat bathroom can look like in case you never seen one. We pump manually with the handle on the wall. In boat language, this room is called the head, in case you wondered that as well.
Captain by his chart table. Behind him is a guest bunk, fits approximately one and a half people. And the same space on the other side which currently is used for storing surfboards, fishing rods and other miscellaneous things.
Tomorrow I'm supposed to clean the rest of our cupboards as well as the master bedroom… Many of you have also asked how we store our clothes on the boat so I'll show that one of these days too if you'd like.