Awaiting paperwork and the right winds

Due to very long clearance procedures in Colombia, we had to stay here in Santa Marta for almost a week, and now when most of the important paperwork seem to be done, the weather isn't exactly in our favor so we'll be staying another few days. If intending on spending more than five days in Colombia, it is not enough with a regular clear-in, but you also need to temporarily import your boat to the country, for a reasonable fee. Very old fashioned, probably because there still aren't that many people sailing here, and they also aren't used to cruisers to the same extent as in the West Indies for example. Will give you more detailed information on the whole procedure when all is done if that can be of interest. We're very happy with our agent Dino though who's been handling all paperwork for us so we haven't needed to go to any officials at all thus far. 

Santa Marta is such a quaint and beautiful little town, but we can't wait to get to our final destination Cartagena, where we'll continue with the refit and upgrade of the boat. Some of the things we need to have done before our journey can continue anywhere:

- One more bulkhead to be built.
- Build a new mast step, and therefore also lift the mast once again.
- Paint the bottom.
- Get a new main sail.
- Reinforce the rudder and keel. Maybe re-design the rudder a bit. Still not sure.
- Install that water maker, haven't had the time yet.
- Remove more weight from the boat, we are still much overloaded. Twelve sails, tons of super heavy power tools and other tools, hundreds of books, still thirty pairs of shoes and winter clothes... much of it must go.