Another detail

In the process of building some boarding steps for the dock. Besides the big jobs we have on the boat, there's a million and one smaller cosmetic/convenience details to be done on this vessel. Like painting that latest frame/bulkhead that Alex did in Grenada which you can see on this image behind the stairs, as well as filling the spaces in between the teak floorboards with stripes of holly to make the floor nice and even. One of the reasons we chose a custom wood/glass boat before a production one, is that Alex wanted to be able to redesign the accommodation and for us to have a sort of fulfilling life project with personality and character. Since Alex has been so busy with the main structure in this first year with Duende, we haven't come that far in terms of the visible and cosmetic details, but slowly slowly we're getting there as well, one step better for each day. Cruising is anyway defined as "fixing your boat in exotic locations" so I'd say that we're right on track.