Villa Karibuni

Lazy mornings - Snorkel right off the terrace - Burning skin and mesmerizing sunsets 
Healthy food homemade in elegant roomy kitchen - Wine, wine, wine
Reading books - Planning on next adventure
Two arm lengths long iguanas sunbathing on thatched roofs
Rum cocktails -  Brilliant views - Palm trees and coconuts - Fruit platter in mind blowing colors
and .... more long lazy mornings.

It's an understatement to say that we had an amazing time in the beautiful Karibuni villa, designed by Piet Boon - one of the Netherlands most interesting and best known interior designers. It is always a true pleasure to enter a room, home or a house where careful thoughts have been widely distributed on the total product, that there is a soul behind the sleek and polished surface. Piet Boon has designed twelve villas in various sizes here on Bonaire and many more houses and apartments worldwide. Our particular villa which is one of the larger ones on this island was probably a tad bit too big for just the two of us. But we still managed to make use of it the best we could, and changed bedrooms once, only to quickly return to the one which was located right next to the pool on the ground-floor - perfectly positioned in front of the early sunrise above that sparkling blue sea. Besides sailing on the open sea, I can't think of a better way to wind down and disconnect from it all than spending some slow time in such fine and peaceful environments.

Click here if you're interested in renting the same place, which would be an absolutely perfect vacation house for a group of good friends. Or here if you're curious about the other villas Piet Boon offers in Bonaire.

Many thanks to Piet Boon for being able to organize so efficiently and on such a short notice!