Venezuelan avocados

Went into the capital Willemstad today to fetch some fresh fruits and veggies and that's where the floating market comes into the picture. Venezuelan fishing boats have traveled the thirty-fourty miles there is between their coast and the one of Curacaos'. Side by side they've tied up to the dock by the boardwalk and sell fruits, vegetables, juices and what else typical Venezuelan there is, right off the boat towards the street, hence the name "floating market". We got a couple of those enormous avocados (have you ever seen them that large before?), a water melon, bananas, dulce de leche as well as some guava jelly. Speaking of Venezuela, we did spend a night there on our way to the ABC islands a couple weeks ago. I have yet to tell you the whole story. Some weeks I have all the time in the world to ramble here on the blog several times a day about all kinds of nonsense, and some weeks, like now most recently, I have barely time to reply to emails. We still have a lot of sailing to do, and some island exploration of course. As well as the necessary boat work and other important job that keeps us busy, but all should slow down a bit very shortly. We love this island by the way, Curacao reminds of Europe in many aspects, mixed with latin and carib flair, and it's all very busy and bustling. Totally not what we had expected. Will show you more of it shortly.