Time to leave

Goodbye beautiful Bonaire. We weren't expecting anything as wonderful and beautiful as what we have had the pleasure to experience here these past eight days. Bonaire now belongs to one of our favorite Caribbean destinations, for many reasons which I will tell you all about one of these days.

We're setting sail towards Curacao this morning, and as soon as a good weather window appears, we'll sail the three days it'll take to get to Cartagena. It's a passage that is notorious for strong winds and high seas, there's regularly gale force winds between Barranquilla and Cartagena, and those are what we gladly would like to avoid. Had enough of 30+ winds on our passage to Bonaire which I also will tell you all about soon I promise. 

Before Colombia, we will also pick up our friend Michael in Aruba, who returns to the boat from his short visit back home in cold and snowy Boston. Has been a pleasure to have him onboard and he obviously seem to think so too as he will be staying with us for another couple weeks. Nice!

Hasta luego amigos, I hope you all have a lovely beginning to the new week.

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