Not yet gone

We've still not left the island, now docked in Port Louis marina in St George's to finish some installations. Done in a day or two. Just got our new batteries delivered so they are getting replaced as we speak. We've also purchased new filters for the bilge pump, new jack lines to keep us safe for the crossing, one larger ball valve for the exhaust as well as a few big cans of green anti fouling that we need for the haul out in Colombia as it probably will be hard to find that once we're out of these cruising grounds. Glad they got a swimming pool here by our dock so we can refresh ourselves in between heavy boat job in this steaming heat. Or to be very honest, I am not too much involved in the installation process now that we have an extra crew onboard, can't thank Michael enough for giving Alex a hand with it all. How easy and comfortable life would've been for the both of us if we always had one extra set of strong male hands available onboard when needed.