A great breakfast consists in my humble opinion of either a plate full of fresh fruits in all shapes and colors or having them mixed into a creamy smoothie. Another favorite choice is a bowl full of natural yogurt with accompaniments. This one is made of milk from the goats that we visited yesterday. Served with crunchy granola, slices of fresh papaya and a dash of subtle sweetness from the acacia honey. Imagine the day when you have all these things available in your own garden or land. A few goats to milk for your yoghurt, cheese and the nutritious milk obviously. A couple papaya trees or maybe some other fruits or berries that are in season. And fresh honey from your own (or your neighbors) apiary. A dream not too distant nor impossible. Living on a boat far from it all gives you time and peace of mind to really figure out what you want to do with your life when you grow up. One of our future goals for the time when this sailing journey is over, is to have a little house by the water and still be as free and self sufficient as we are today.