Curaçao update

Went out a bit on Friday night to scan off the nightlife on the island. Cabana, St Tropez, Papagayo etc. It's a very un-caribbean island this, which is refreshing and a bit odd at the same time. All what surprises you is good stimulation for the brain though so we're pleased with the change. 

On another note: We have just got back our torn mainsail and our blade from repair and got the confirmation we were afraid of, that our main is completely worn out (which we knew) but also that it almost wasn't possible to even repair the poor thing as it's falling apart as soon as they tried to stitch patches onto it. This old mainsail has been on Duende for the last five (?) years or so and it came with the package when we got the boat last year. As we had a few cuts in it before, and because we know how destructive the tropical sun is for a sail fabric, we knew we'd have to replace it soon, but had at least hoped we could sail with it all the way till Colombia, which is only a three day sail away now. A new North Sail sail is probably in place, let's just hope we can make it around the coast without having the whole (patched) thing ripped apart in the middle of that stormy passage. Even more important now that we await the calmer winds and not push a weather window.

What else, we have just filtered our fuel because the fuel isn't too clean around here in the Caribbean and it's been clogging up the injectors. I find it weird that the fuel is such bad quality here in these regions as it's being refined right here, in particular on this island of Curacao. Alex and Michael have also tightened the alternator belt because it was too loose. There seem to be more maintenance with the boat than what we had expected but we're in a good place for that. Though more expensive than in St Maarten for example, they got all the chandleries and most spare-parts we need here in Curacao. I'd say the prices are 15-20% higher here than in sxm so bare that in mind if you're ever going West.

Since we have a friend visiting this week, we do also spend a fair amount of time out in town, eating out, watching shows and regular sightseeing with the rental car we have this week and it seems as we will end up at a pool party later this afternoon with a few new friends from the island. Looking forward!