Wish list for Christmas

Looking at the list below and knowing that to all of this, we will also need to add the agent fees to be able to transit through the Panama canal makes me want to burst out in tears. It's obviously the perfect dream wish list, right in time for Christmas and all, as I would estimate the total price of all what we wish for, to around $25.000 USD. That sort of money doesn't grow on trees unfortunately, especially not when sailing and freelance working the way that we do, so to reduce that list to half somehow is more likely what is going to have to happen here. As long as we get the boat reasonably safe and prepared it should be fine, and to have a fridge full of Reese's Peanut Butter Cups and a great selection of fishing lures and lines on hand - all will be good I'm sure. Allowing ourselves to dream for a bit longer though... and still four more months to go to make it all happen.