To the ones of you who live or ever lived on a boat, I have a question: How much fresh water do you use per day? I'm asking cause we are in the midst of trying to reduce our consumption and we're somewhat arguing about how much it is normal for two people to use on a sailboat. We have three water tanks on Duende. Two of them with 80 liters/21 gal each, one with 360 liters/95 gal, makes it a total of 520 liters/137 gal. We're currently down at a consumption of approximately 43 liters/11 gal per day. That might seem little to the ones of you who never lived on a boat, but for the ones who understand the simple way of living where you wish to minimize costs as well as the amount of times you have to get ashore for more, would probably say that's a lot. 

Like I earlier mentioned, we don't have a water heater installed as yet like we had on the previous boat, so showers are reasonably quick. And then the rest is used for making dishes which is the main aspect I'd say, and for regular washing and cleaning. Alex claims that a normal cruising couple uses 15 liters/4 gal per day and so he would want us to decrease our consumption to that amount. I think that sounds extremely little and would more think that it should be ok to draw that line at around 30 liters/8 gal. For the ones who live on land: Obviously when you're docked to a marina you are able to use more as water is so easily accessible. But for general sea life or when planning for an ocean crossing, it is important to be able to save as much as possible - as the water maker could break at any time and you might be stuck on the open ocean for around a month. 

So, our 520 liters/137 gal when tanks are filled, lasts us around 12 days. Alex is basically hoping that those tanks would last us all the way from Galapagos or Panama to the South Pacific, which might be up to 28 days away and we don't want to carry too many heavy jerry cans on deck. Lots of practicing needed here then. I'm currently getting used to making all dishes in salt water (we got a salt water pump in the galley) and only rinsing the last seconds in fresh water. Having lived on a boat for three years, I probably should have learnt to do that earlier, but it's never too late to improve, eh?

We haven't installed our brilliant Katadyn water maker on this boat as yet (had it on previous boat) but should do soon, I guess it might be wiser that we learn to save properly first.

Now tell me, how much water do you use?