Water again

Thank you very much for your input on the question below. Very interesting to hear how different minds deal with their water consumption onboard. Some of you seem trained to be conservative with your usage while others are used to spend almost as much as on land. It shouldn't be a hard thing for us to cut down additionally so let's see how far we can go. We often talk about optimizing life on our boat and if we are to reduce hassle it must not also reduce pleasure. We want to live an effective and simple life, all the while being as comfortable as can be. But to make dishes in salt water and only rinse with fresh, and maybe also take some of the showers in salt water while crossing oceans, isn't really a big deal so we should be able to make it with our 520 liters/137 gal from Panama to the South Pacific. Also when we get that water maker installed again it will obviously give us extra supply, though we generally would like to learn to live with a minimum and not to be dependent on an electric machine that can easily fail. Will let you know how it all goes. Will also show you the way we collect rain water into our tanks a bit later. A simple way but proved to be very efficient.