One sexy fruit

It might not be very easy to get a hold on ruccola, european cucumber or all the fresh herbs whenever you long for them here in the Caribbean, but there are obviously other lovely fruits and veggies on offer. Like Soursop for example. The man who sold this fruit to me today claimed with a content smile that "soursop will help you get babies faster". Not sure why everyone is insisting on me getting babies these days so I told him politely that having one is none of my close plans whereupon he came up with another interesting claim with, if possible, an even wider grin "well it will at least give you more fun while practicing!". Whatever it does to you, the soursop is a damn good fruit. Similar to cherimoya with its white flesh and black seeds and taste lays somewhere in between lime, pear, pineapple and strawberry perhaps. Sweet, soft and tangy. Great to eat with a spoon once you've cut it in half or to squeeze it into a nutritious juice or why not into your morning smoothie.