More updates

Sunday is a day of readjusting and polishing things. Cleaning the boat, washing my hair (I seriously only do it like twice a week these days), organizing with laundry and the closets and fixing with the blog. Last Sunday was a day of cleaning up the press section, this Sunday I'm updating information and other links. Like our about us page for example. Check out the updated version here if you'd like. I've also added a few of our videos here to the left if you haven't seen them as yet. 

Btw, I hope you don't misunderstand me and my latest post (updated now). Just because I don't feel like rolling in the sand looking seductive, it doesn't mean I will ever judge you if you choose to do it. It's just that I've grown to the understanding that it isn't quite suitable for myself. We all must do what we feel happy doing. x