Monday update

Staying on the dock for a few days to top up our batteries, fill the water tanks and make use of the marina facilities such as hot showers, laundromat, picking up parcels etc. Christmas is here and since we're far from our families and friends and because neither of us are particularly into that sort of commercial gimmicks to care to celebrate christmas by our own, our days for the holidays are pretty much as any other day of the year. We had originally planned to celebrate New Year in Colombia with friends this year but we have had to moved those visits forward a couple months. We do have one of our dear Caribbean friends flying over to spend the new year with us here in Grenada though which we look very much forward to. And then another friend sailing with us towards Colombia a couple days after. The rain is still lurking behind every heavy grey cloud so not much beach or water action here either at the moment. As soon as it gets clearer again we shall be sailing around the coast to some of the other beautiful bays we've heard about. Merry Christmas to the ones of you who celebrate!